Tis the Season

Tis the Season

Time flies when you become so wrapped up into daily life. I was going to start devotions in June but so much has happened since before then.  Needless to say I have not posted since May. I woke up tonight realizing six months just flew by and I haven’t posted anything. Thanksgiving was wonderful being with my family. It is a memory I will cherish. Food? More food than you could imagine. Desserts that makes a diabetic squirm. Everything was very delicious but most of all it was just being around family. Seeing everyone have such a great time. I felt a little nostalgic as we all took our turns getting our pictures taken.  Knowing that maybe a hundred years from now our relatives will be looking at these pictures like we look at the old pictures now, “who is that?” Of course, technology has advanced so that people are tagged and history might not be lost to those in the future.

It is coming up for another holiday to spend time with those we love. Christmas! I have such wonderful memories of Christmas’ past. I remember the Bible that my sister Joyce gave me, my first archery set, my first cassette recorder, dolls (in fact, I still have the little dolls that my brother Steve gave me for Christmas when I was 12, all tucked away safely), clothes, and so many more things that have been used and discarded.  I remember the Christmas trees that were all trimmed with lights, ornaments, and garlands.  I remember the smell of pies as Mom was baking in the kitchen expecting different ones to come for the festive season. From time to time I get out the cassette that I recorded of one of the Christmas’ when Angie and Jerry got their first bouncy horse. I was able to capture Eric, Steve and Dad in the background. The most precious memory that I captured is when Mom sat in the living room quoting scriptures. I miss Mom and Dad and now Bonnie during these holiday seasons.

The hope of this season is that families around the world are able to create lasting memories of the interaction of love between each other.  Gifts are a benefit but it is the relationship between each other that last. Things come and go. Can I remember every gift I received? No! Can I remember precious moments of family? Yes! Now days the technology helps us capture these precious moments in more clarity. Just whip out that smartphone and start snapping or recording. In the midst of all the picture snapping do not forget to give your loved one a hug or a kiss or both. Of course, the greatest gift is that Christ Jesus our Lord was born so that salvation could be made available to all people. The thought I leave with you is that you don’t let Christmas come and go but carry this love in your heart all year round. Merry Christmas! God bless everyone.

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